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I am an educational consultant, specialising in Inclusion and parenting support. I offer a wide range of services to both parents and schools, and work directly with children and young people in school or at home. I can offer:

  • Assessment

  • Specialised teaching & 1:1 tuition

  • Parenting support

  • Support in applying for EHCPs

  • Guidance in working with Local authorities

  • Support in putting recommendations into place at home or in school.



My Story

I completed my Masters in Education and Primary School Qualification in 2005 at the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania. In 2006 I started teaching in the UK and was a classroom teacher until 2011. In 2011 I chaired the committee to open a new school in my community which opened in 2012. I then trained to become an Inclusion Leader, completing the National Award for SENCOs in 2013, and continued working in that role until 2022.   I am now an educational consultant, using the experience and understanding that I have gained from my time working in primary education to support families and schools on their Inclusion journey. I still teach as well - my favourite part of the role! I offer 1:1 specialist tutoring at home or in school and find I am still constantly inspired and motivated by the children and young people that I work with. Along the way I had four children which gives me a useful, first hand insight into parenting school age children and the challenges (and beautiful moments) that go alongside.

"Rachel is a good teacher and does fun activities to make learning enjoyable."

                                                                                                   Child giving feedback from her specialist teaching sessions, Autumn 2022

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